Tuesday, November 08, 2011

fish, motherhood and mashed potatoes




hey holla hey.
today we drove our friends to the airport & promised we'd feed their fish while they're gone. they have a lot of fish. think nemo meets the little mermaid. that many fish. this may or may not turn out well, considering my reputation with fish.

things on my mind lately.

  • i am not impressed with rick perry. not in the slightest. 
  • i want to snip my hair again. more edgy!
  • i love love love love love love love love love love love love interior design. and travis.
  • i want to start an interior design blog. it will be filled with lots of pictures and design ideas! plus, updates with what i'm doing at school. this way, peace love lauren won't be ambushed with interior design-ish things 24/7... you have no idea how much restraint went into the last few posts.
  • i am baby hungry. but this is no surprise, i've been baby hungry since i was seven. motherhood is something that i hold most dear, and something that i don't want to enter into rashly. one day t & i will have a little midge to have and to love. one day.
  • i think i want sour cream mashed potatoes instead of cake for my birthday this year. just a huge steaming pot in the middle of july. 
xo lauren


Irene said...

your hair is lovely, i couldn't do that without looking weirrrrd! <3

Natasha Louise said...

I Love your hair like that it is super cute!

geri e. said...

Adorable. And love how you falled-up that floral skirt. Cute cute hair too.

Andrea said...

That would be soo fun to start an interior design blog! You so should!!!!! ...and I'm always for hair experimenting:)

lowercase letters said...

you're outfit is soooooo cute. and so are you! :)

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