Monday, January 30, 2012

Highschool Dances

Dates were a MAJOR part of my highschool experience. i think it was just the Mesa norm, but typically i went on a date every weekend. that's just what we did! it was such a wonderful way to meet new people & try new things. One time I even flew on a helicopter for a date! Like I said, crazy stuff.
Highschool dances were a large part of my highschool dating experience, here are a few memories that I can share!

Homecoming 2007: My first ever high school dance. I was barely sixteen, and ready to date all the boys! I borrowed the blue dress from my dear Jet's sister, and we had one heck of a time. Oh, and i think it's funny that I'm practically sitting on Kaitlyn's arm. Sometimes I just don't know where my booty ends up.
MORP 2008: When we discovered our love for colored hair spray.
Winter Formal 2007: My date was my twin bro's best friend. It got a little awkward at times.
Homecoming 2008: We left Edgefest early to make it to the last hour of Homecoming... it was fun, but I think we all wish we had stayed!
Morp 2009: We had a little too much fun on our day date. {I'm in the pink}
 Morp 2009: Again with the hair colors. We were obsessed.
Winter Formal 2008: I think my favorite part about school dances was that I was always in a different group each time! So many wonderful people! I'm the one with the longest red dress. Jet is in blue, and my brother is the farthest on the right.
Highland Prom 2009: Senior Prom! Awww so cute. I loved everyone in my group, we had tons of fun that night at the dance, as well as quadding for the day date. My date tried to hold my hand a few times that night, it so wasn't gonna happen. {I'm in the green dress}
Mesquite Prom 2009: A boy from another school asked me to their dance, it was a really fun experience! These are probably the craziest group of kids ever. Again, I'm in the green dress!
Mormon Prom 2009
oh so fun. the nostalgia is already killing me!


Miss Kenzie said...

oh my gosh these are so darling! i love looking back on old photos like this! its so crazy to see where the time goes!


Irene said...

you had a lot of dances in high school! we don't do that much here... in Spain it's not a tradition really. we only had one for prom in senior year. and i didn't date that much either, i was way too shy at the time!! :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

so very jealous, i've always wanted to go in a helicopter. that date sounds right out of the bachelor, ha
xo TJ

Kylie Kreikemeier said...

hahah! these are great!!


kate said...

First and foremost these photos make me have lots of Arizona Pride (it's the best state there is and I am so sad that I am missing it's 100th birthday next month... HEY WE SHOULD HAVE AN AZ PAR-TAY?!) and second, you seriously look just as young and cute now as you did then... sometimes I feel like I look way older than I did in HS.

kate said...

...oh and I have some friends that were Hawks, I wonder if you know them.

Catherine said...

This is hysterical.


Haley said...

I'm pretty sure we went to the same high school at one point! Your best friend was in some of my classes I swear it, some of those boys look familiar too. You're nostalgia, is also my nostalgia haha!

And we both live in Rexburg, small world!

TheReal.NateTucker said...

yeah, I wonder how you managed to be front and center in Highland '09 PROM... Only you ;)

also, I love how in the MORP '09 picture you look a LOT shorter than Jet. Or Jet looks REALLY tall... which, c'mon, we all know she's not...

karensmith said...

I suddenly remembered the time of our prom. I was with my first boyfriend then. :)

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