Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Our New Years

I'll start by saying that our New Years was a little unconventional this year. Travis spent the night with our weekend manager, Patrick, swabbing the deck of Sammy's. They were waxing it, or something. It had to be done on a Saturday night so that it could dry all day Sunday... so it had to be New Years. Just our luck! So, it seemed that Amy (Pat's wife) & I would be husband-less for New Years Eve. But, we made the best of it.

So, while our husbands were doing this,

We had grabbed our husband's big shirts and pairs of our old shoes & were making these. 



Glitter shoes!!! We used a tutorial via pinterest (like duh) and they turned out so beautifully! I couldn't have been happier.

Once the shoes had dried we head over to Sammy's with Martinelli's just in time to scream "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and kiss our hard working husbands.




Happy New Year from us to you!
The giveaway closes friday!


Whit said...

Happy New Years!

Adrienne Kay said...

AHHH you're so stinking cute! Plus you totally got that shoe glitter idea from Pinterest! <3

Kathy Kelleher said...

Those glitter heels are AMAZING! Oh I need to get crafty and do that!

Katie said...

I love your shoes that you did. What a neat idea! I'll have to try that sometime.

Hope you had a great New Years.

Erin said...

Love those shoes!! :) I want to try now :)

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