Saturday, April 14, 2012

how i know God loves me.

yesterday morning, i woke up before travis (an extremely rare event). before i got up & out of bed, i started my morning off with a prayer. i prayed that i wouldn't wake up travis, so that i could go on my run, and come back to surprise him with waffles in bed! i considered my plan to be perfectly perfect in every way, and i was prepared to stealth around the apartment as if i were playing Don't Wake Daddy (remember that game? it kills me!).
i very, very slowly rolled out of bed (it took me 3 full minutes) and slowly, slowly made my way to the closet for my tennies. so far so good!
then: SNUUUUGH! "babe, what are you doing?"

he woke up. of course he did.

i was a little sad Heavenly Father didn't like my plan as much as I did, but I consented that He must have had a better plan in mind. and as it turns out, He did!!
Travis decided to come with me on my run (who am i kidding? JOG.) turns out he used to go on a run every morning with his comp on the mission, and always wanted to do it with his wife. we had the most perfect time motivating each other to go just a little bit farther. i love that man so much! i hope we can make morning jogs a habit!
Just another lesson of how our Heavenly Father knows us far better than we could ever know ourselves.

xo lauren


Chalk in the Rain said...

Just goes to show that God has a far better ideas than we think we do!! :)

Sierra said...

I love simply, yet perfect stories like these. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

Alesha said...

What a cool, sweet story. God is so good isn't He? =)
Alesha <3

Noelani said...

Aw, this is such a cute post :)

Maggie B. said...

lovely post! :) God's funny that way, huh?

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