Saturday, April 14, 2012

how i know God loves me.

yesterday morning, i woke up before travis (an extremely rare event). before i got up & out of bed, i started my morning off with a prayer. i prayed that i wouldn't wake up travis, so that i could go on my run, and come back to surprise him with waffles in bed! i considered my plan to be perfectly perfect in every way, and i was prepared to stealth around the apartment as if i were playing Don't Wake Daddy (remember that game? it kills me!).
i very, very slowly rolled out of bed (it took me 3 full minutes) and slowly, slowly made my way to the closet for my tennies. so far so good!
then: SNUUUUGH! "babe, what are you doing?"

he woke up. of course he did.

i was a little sad Heavenly Father didn't like my plan as much as I did, but I consented that He must have had a better plan in mind. and as it turns out, He did!!
Travis decided to come with me on my run (who am i kidding? JOG.) turns out he used to go on a run every morning with his comp on the mission, and always wanted to do it with his wife. we had the most perfect time motivating each other to go just a little bit farther. i love that man so much! i hope we can make morning jogs a habit!
Just another lesson of how our Heavenly Father knows us far better than we could ever know ourselves.

xo lauren


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that God has a far better ideas than we think we do!! :)

Sierra said...

I love simply, yet perfect stories like these. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

Alesha said...

What a cool, sweet story. God is so good isn't He? =)
Alesha <3

Anonymous said...

Aw, this is such a cute post :)

Maggie B. said...

lovely post! :) God's funny that way, huh?

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