Monday, December 20, 2010


oh hey. 
i'm home sweet home in my lovely arizona. 
trav & i are totally soakin up the sun.

we spent all of sunday in the airport 
idea credit to me+him

because our flight was delayed.
& delayed again.
& then we missed it.
& then we got another flight two hours later,
& then that one was delayed.
i love airports.

it has become tradition to hit up QT first thing once in arizona.
oh. my. gosh. i feel like i cannot fangirl enough about this perfect gas station from heaven.
well, maybe i can.

my best friendie nate picked us up from Sky Harbor.
& he hooked me up with an ipod nano for christmas
& when he sneezes, jelly beans come out.
what i'm trying to say is, nate rocks.

i'm wearing flip-flops today!



Ashley said...

Yay for FLIP FLOPS! Have fun in AZ! :)

Cherie said...

You are so cute!! Enjoy Arizona and your sweet mom and family!
The snow will be here when you get back :-D

Merry Christmas!!

Kathy said...

QT looks like WaWa! That Freezoni is looking pretty good...

No Guilt Fashion said...

Flip Flops in December? I'm jealous!!! Have fun in Arizona. Merry Christmas!
No Guilt Fashion

TheReal.NateTucker said...

I was featured on Lauren's blog!
I'm even in one of the pictures! :D
You should definitely take some pics of the nano to show off how adorable it is.

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