Monday, November 08, 2010

30 for 30

a few days ago i clicked a linky & commited myself to kendi everyday's 30 for 30 remix.
my thought was, "sweet! power to the women!"
but, then i got lazy.
& realized all my clothes are in box-mode.
& i became one of the peeps that doesn't follow through with what she clicks on.
shame on me.

but! i still thought this was more fun than making banana bread.
so i'm half-participating.
for 30 days i'll be posting what i wear for the whole world to see,
it'll be fun to come up with cuteness for that long.

here it goes.
shirt: F21 | vest: blossom boutique | pants: anaheim flea market | boots: ross | pin: made by moi

the other day t & i waited ever so patiently in line at the Social Security Department.
number after number after not our number was called,
until we finally got to sit with the indian man behind the big desk.
yessir, after three months of marriage i finally gots myself a married name.


Kaity Teer said...

oh you are adorable!! looking forward to seeing these outfits - feeling inspired to challenge myself to pay similar attention to maximizing my wardrobe.

hey and doesn't it take forever to get a name change. we celebrated 3 months this weekend too!! congrats!!

♥ Kaity

geri e. said...

ooooo, love the 30 for 30 challenge! great boots.
and I love the orange tree lined street. fall is my fave.

Anonymous said...

I just found you through the 30 for 30 link list. And you know what? It's OK that you're not completely doing it. You kind of have a bit going on, huh?

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you are absolutely adorable and I LOVE your blog. This vest is so fun, too!

I'm your newest follower!

<3 Kim

Kathy said...

I'm excited for your version! You are so cute!

I still haven't gotten ti social security. Whoops!

Josie said...

Love the outfit! Your blog is absolutely adorable!

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